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Business Hours

Monday through Friday

5am until 3pm


6am until 3pm


6am until 2pm

We are a family owned and operated bagel

store since 1980! We started our business in

Twin Rivers, NJ, and moved to our current

location in Robbinsville, back in 2002, and

have been serving the community ever since!


Our bagels are baked daily in the traditional

New York style. This means, our bagels are

boiled and then baked on red wood burlap boards.


All of our production is located on the premises, and we are open EVERY day of the year.


We are considered a “Robbinsville Staple”, and love being a part of our customer’s daily routine.


If you’ve never been to Jim’s Bagel Loft, stop on in! We’d love to have you!


Call Ahead or Order On-line for Speedy Service!


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